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The journey towards sustainability starts with a connected product

Transparency is just a smartphone scan away.

Sustainability is the new disruption. According to Nielsen*, already in 2015, 66% of global consumers and 73% of global Millennials had stated that they would be willing to pay more for sustainable goods. Now forecasts suggest that sustainable goods will make up 25% of store sales in the US in 2021; a 2.7% increase from 2017 - a year in which 30.5% of such sales were of transparent label products. As much as 81% of global respondents want brands to improve their relationship with the environment.

Making products connected through a simple smart tag offers brands multiple possibilities: the story of a garment can be told before or after purchase, whether the product is found in store or online. The materials and their provenance can be discovered in detail. Or you can offer services, including perhaps inviting your customers to take a pre-loved garment to the store to join your new recycling programme.

Use Certilogo to invite shoppers who buy authentic products to discover more about you, your designs, your sustainable practices, and to prevent them from being scammed by counterfeiters. If it’s fake, it’s certainly not sustainable…

*Consumer-goods’ brands that demonstrate commitment to sustainability outperform those that don’t, Nielsen:
The journey towards sustainability starts with a connected product

Scan the QR code or click on the link "TRY THE DEMO" to see how it works.


23 Mar 2021

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