The Certilogo
Seal of

Certilogo Seal of Authentication (SOA) is a safe, immediate, convenient tool to prove the authenticity of a product sold or bought online.

it works

Step 1
The seller posts the SOA


After using the Authenticator to confirm the genuineness of the product to be sold, the seller requests the Seal of Authentication from Certilogo.
The SOA will be then posted along with the photos of the product for sale, highlighting the authenticity of the item in question as well as the reliability of the seller, unlike unfair competitors.

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Step 2
The buyer can check the Certilogo Seal of Authentication online before the purchase


Before purchasing the product, the buyer will check its authenticity through the Seal of Authentication, either by inserting its unique code in the Authenticator or by scanning the QR code with the phone camera: only the “Authentic” feedback guarantees the genuineness of the article for sale.

verify a Certilogo Seal

Step 3
The buyer can authenticate the product upon delivery


To double-check the authenticity of the purchased item, the new owner can authenticate it through its Certilogo tag upon delivery. Beyond the proof of genuineness, this will lead to the digital experiences offered by the brand itself.

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What is the Certilogo "Fake Report"?

The Fake Report is a free document with which Certilogo confirms that your authenticity verification on a particular product produced a negative result. You can attach this document to any complaint that you decide to submit to whoever sold you the product, to the credit card company or to the payment service you used to make the purchase.