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to fashion

Physical products become
a digital communication channel
connecting brands and
consumers everywhere.

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since 2006

it began

A luxury watch on sale in an island airport far from home. Was it authentic? No one knew.

From that experience came Certilogo, the global platform that verifies instantly if products with famous brand names are genuine. It was 2006, the year before the iPhone unleashed the digital revolution and a new era of fashion shoppers who are savvy, informed and demanding: the connected consumer.

Where we
are now

1 authentication every 8 seconds. Service in 10 languages. Users in 180+ countries.

Today a fast and reliable digital authentication is the backbone of fashion’s first connected products ecosystem. Consumers get proof of authenticity and access to exclusive brand content. Brands get a vast new source of consumer data and insights to improve marketing, CRM and brand protection.

Where we’re

Fashion consumers are demanding change and innovative brands are listening.

Digital transformation continues. Product authentication is a critical need for any brand investing in circular economies,  transparent supply chains and blockchain tracking. Leaders in fashion and luxury have shown what is possible, and consumers have responded. Connected fashion has arrived.