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Ask for the Certilogo Seal

Online sellers with an authentic product can publish the Certilogo Seal of Authentication with their listing photos. Use it to connect with Certilogo and verify that the product is genuine, before deciding to buy.

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And when you find a fake?

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Select the option Request a Fake Report at the end of your authentication and answer a few simple questions. We’ll email you an incident report to contest the charges with your seller, payment service or credit card company.

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Questions? Check our FAQs for consumers

Everything you need for a fast & reliable digital authentication with Certilogo

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What is the Certilogo Code?

The Certilogo Code is your key for a fast and reliable digital authentication with Certilogo, everywhere you shop.

Brands with Certilogo choose their own style of label, hangtag or authenticity card to share a product's Certilogo Code. Popular options and instructions for using them are below: 

Tap the tag where indicated using a smartphone that reads NFC.

Scan the code with a smartphone camera, QR reader app, or the Certilogo app for iOS or Android.

Type the numbers at the URL provided or in the Certilogo app for iOS or Android.

Where is the Certilogo Code?

Brands with Certilogo choose their own location and style of label, hangtag or authenticity card to share a product's Certilogo Code.

Look for the letters CLG and 12 numbers — CLG 000 000 000 000 — next to a set of printed instructions like "Check authenticity at" or "Connect with your authentic product at".

Some brands also use an NFC or QR code for faster access. Use your smartphone to tap the NFC tag or scan the QR code and begin your authentication. 

There is no Certilogo Code. What now?

It's good that you checked: A product that is supposed to have a Certilogo Code, but does not, is almost always a counterfeit.

To be sure, check our list of connected brands to verify that your brand and product collection offer Certilogo.  

Still need help? Our customer care team is available anytime at, or by clicking below. 

Questions sent after 6 p.m. CET, or during the weekend, will be answered the next business day.