Give products the
digital connection that
engages consumers
everywhere they shop   

Make an authentic connection

Only authentic products open an interactive channel for brand communication and content

Modern consumers are connected to digital networks in nearly every moment of their day, including while they shop. Certilogo engages these connected consumers with a memorable digital experience that delivers your authentic brand experience directly to their screens,

everywhere they shop. Digital authentication with Certilogo adds value to your client’s genuine shopping experience at the same time that it gathers precious, actionable leads and consumer profiles to enrich your CRM and make your digital marketing more effective.

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180 countries. 10 languages. Any store, website & online marketplace.

any time

From factory to consumers and beyond. Before purchase & after. New products & pre-owned.

any device

Smartphone, tablet & desktop. iOS & Android. No downloads required.

any tag

NFC, QR, alphanumeric. Your tag or ours. RFID and blockchain compatible.

Our expertise is
at your service

Enhance the purchase experience

Drive sales, nurture brand loyalty and deliver a true omnichannel experience

Calls-to-action on your product label and hang tag engage discerning consumers to connect and confirm that the product is genuine. Your clients continue their digital experience with content and offers on your official brand channels.

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Expand CRM reach

Connect with customers and brand fans anywhere, even in channels you don’t control

Authentications can happen anywhere your products sell, opening a vast new touchpoint for lead generation in channels selling new and pre-owned items. Plus, opt-ins during registration ensure your new digital leads are fully permissioned and compliant with all relevant privacy regulations, including GDPR.

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Know your clients better

Sharpen your knowledge of consumers leveraging connections from every channel

Even loyal brand clients shop in channels where records of their purchases go to others. Authentication with Certilogo keeps you informed by gathering product, transaction, location, and channel data that enrich your consumer profiles and strengthen digital marketing personalisation.

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Grow market share

Calls-to-action drive consumers to your own digital experience

Consumers who shop in uncontrolled channels, but who connect to your products with Certilogo, can be invited to opt-in for brand communications, loyalty programmes, product registrations and more. Use these new connections to drive brand loyalty and guide their next purchase to official channels.

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Frequently asked questions about Certilogo for brands

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How quickly could I go to market with Certilogo on my products?

As quickly as you need. A basic hangtag solution can be operational in as little as 30 days. 

Certilogo also creates and manages integrated serialisation and authentication solutions on behalf of clients and system integrators connecting in excess of 60 million products per year, in more than 60 countries of origin. There is no limit on the number of products we can tag and/or authenticate on your behalf.

Does Certilogo integrate with the marketing technology that I already have?

Yes. Certilogo integrates seamlessly with every existing technology and strategy for in-store experiences, lead generation, CRM and content delivery, including marketing automation.

Engaging consumers with Certilogo expands the reach and ROI of these investments in two key ways. First, it extends your visibility and data collection beyond known and controlled channels to everywhere that consumers shop or interact with your products, including social media, unauthorised stores and websites, resale platforms, and online fan communities.

Second, because proprietary artificial intelligence detects replicas of your labels during the online authentication, the consumer is prompted to supply additional demographic and transaction data. Sharing these data with your digital marketing team allows them to intervene with meaningful outreach and personalised offers that build the consumer relationship in a key moment of truth.

Can Certilogo be used with blockchain?

Yes, every product that can be authenticated with Certilogo can also be tracked on a blockchain ledger. In fact, we’re already doing it.

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