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Big Data analytics from connected consumers generate actionable insights into every aspect of your business

Digital authentication with Certilogo gathers precious, real-time data for your brand protection, supply chain and digital marketing teams, but that is not all.  It exponentially expands your ability to reveal, document and manage trends that have profound impacts on your brand revenue over time.

Certilogo data analysts support your team to achieve its objectives by providing  regular updates on how the authentication service is performing and the information collected. Or schedule a custom analysis to dig in more deeply on a specific issue as needed. Contact us to schedule a demo and learn more.

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180 countries. 10 languages. Any store, website & online marketplace.

any time

From factory to consumers and beyond. Before purchase & after. New products & pre-owned.

any device

Smartphone, tablet & desktop. iOS & Android. No downloads required.

any tag

NFC, QR, alphanumeric. Your tag or ours. RFID and blockchain compatible.

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Marketing analytics

From underserved geographies to shifts in market share, our insights help you to compete

Consumers who connect with Certilogo want an authentic relationship with your brand. Our expert analytics assist you to monitor activity in channels that are normally hidden from view: from grey market sales in China to the products trading fastest in resale marketplaces and online fan sites.

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Brand protection analytics

Dig deeper to uncover and stop organised attacks on your IP.

Our analysts have 14 years of experience in extracting relevant, actionable insights from crowdsourced consumer data. We help you use them to identify high value targets for litigation, target enforcement resources in the field, and assemble data that gives you the winning edge in negotiations and in court.

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Supply chain analytics

Detect and intervene with dishonest suppliers and distributors

Certilogo protocols for supply chain and grey market monitoring are uniquely powerful at detecting supplier overproduction and distribution to unexpected channels and geographies. Consumer data supplies the missing pieces to the puzzle, giving you potent new leverage in negotiations and contract decisions.

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Commercial analytics

Optimise your controlled channels by monitoring sales in unauthorised locations

Global manufacturing, cheap shipping, online sales and the explosion in C2C marketplaces and auction sites have made it virtually impossible to understand where your products sell and who is bringing them to market. Consumer authentication data strengthens your team so you can take back control.

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Questions? Check our FAQs 

Frequently asked questions about Certilogo for brands

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How quickly could I go to market with Certilogo on my products?

As quickly as you need. A basic hangtag solution can be operational in as little as 30 days. 

Certilogo also creates and manages integrated serialisation and authentication solutions on behalf of clients and system integrators connecting in excess of 60 million products per year, in more than 60 countries of origin. There is no limit on the number of products we can tag and/or authenticate on your behalf.

How does Certilogo integrate with the technologies and partners I already have?

Yes. Certilogo integrates seamlessly with every existing technology for digital marketing, product serialisation, track & trace, product marking, forensic inspection, and data storage, including blockchain. 

Engaging consumers with Certilogo expands the reach and ROI of your investments in two key ways. First, it extends your visibility and data collection beyond known and controlled channels to everywhere that consumers shop or interact with your products, creating a vast new source of data for digital marketing, CRM, supply chain security, and brand protection. 

Second, because proprietary artificial intelligence detects replicas of your labels during the online authentication, the consumer is prompted to supply rare additional data on unauthorised retailers, grey market trading, and illicit cross-border trade. Sharing these data with your colleagues and trusted partners allows them to work more aggressively and effectively on your behalf.

Can Certilogo be used with blockchain?

Yes, every product that can be authenticated with Certilogo can also be tracked on a blockchain ledger. In fact, we’re already doing it.

Speak to a Certilogo sales consultant to learn more.