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We know how disappointing it is to discover that products you bought online or in a store are not the authentic brand names you wanted. Modern counterfeiters prey on brand fans with sophisticated scams that even expert shoppers can miss.

The Certilogo Fake Report is a convenient PDF document that helps you to get your money back. Send it to your seller, platform or payment service with your refund request, then shop for the authentic brand you wanted all along.

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Step 1
Verify your product

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Find the Certilogo Code on the product label, hang tag or warranty card and enter it at the URL provided. Answer the questions and receive your result.

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Step 2
Get your Fake Report

Store the facts in one convenient document

Fake? Select Request A Fake Report and answer the questions on screen. We’ll store the information in a secure PDF with your Certilogo result: your Certilogo Fake Report.

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Step 3
Go after your refund

Send your Fake Report to the seller or payment service

Laws vary so check the guidelines of the platform or payment service you used for your purchase. Then add the Fake Report to your claim to show that you have an expert on your side. 

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What is the Certilogo Fake Report?

The Fake Report is a complimentary written record that helps you to file a complaint and ask your credit card company, payment service, or retailer for a refund. 

Remember that laws about returns will vary so be sure to check the guidelines where you made your purchase. In most cases you will be asked to return the item in its original packaging, with a copy of your receipt.

How do I get a Certilogo Fake Report?

When a product is not genuine, the authentication process will end with the response Fake and buttons for more actions. Select the button Request a Fake Report.

If the button does not appear, contact our customer care team at, or by clicking the link below, and explain that you need the Fake Report.

For fastest service, attach at least two clear, close photos of the product and the Certilogo label or hang-tag. 


How long until I receive my Fake Report?

The Certilogo Fake Report will be sent immediately after you complete the required form, to the same email address that you used when you registered with the service.

Does Certilogo refund my money?

No. The Certilogo Fake Report is a complimentary service to help you get a refund from your credit card or payment service, or from the person, store, or e-commerce site that sold you the product.