How does Certilogo integrate with the technologies and partners I already have?

Yes. Certilogo integrates seamlessly with every existing technology for digital marketing, product serialisation, track & trace, product marking, forensic inspection, and data storage, including blockchain. 

Engaging consumers with Certilogo expands the reach and ROI of your investments in two key ways. First, it extends your visibility and data collection beyond known and controlled channels to everywhere that consumers shop or interact with your products, creating a vast new source of data for digital marketing, CRM, supply chain security, and brand protection. 

Second, because proprietary artificial intelligence detects replicas of your labels during the online authentication, the consumer is prompted to supply rare additional data on unauthorised retailers, grey market trading, and illicit cross-border trade. Sharing these data with your colleagues and trusted partners allows them to work more aggressively and effectively on your behalf.