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Authentic brand names are booming in resale

Help buyers find your genuine products with free Certilogo authentication

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from discerning resale shoppers who pay more for authentic brands.

stand out

with the instant digital authentication that confirms brand names are authentic.

sell faster

with the instant digital authentication that confirms brand names are authentic.

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Confirm you have authentic stock

It’s simple with Certilogo

Find the label or authenticity card with the Certilogo Code. Scan or tap it with your smartphone where indicated, or enter the code at the URL provided, to register and answer our security questions. If everything checks out, you will see the answer Authentic.

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Share Certilogo in your online listings

Post the Certilogo Seal

A Certilogo Seal allows online buyers to check your product for authenticity before they decide to buy it. Request your Seal by swiping left on the menu that appears below your Authentic response and selecting the option Get the Seal.

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Share Certilogo in your store

Earn trust from buyers

Invite visitors to your vintage or luxury consignment store to check for themselves that products with a Certilogo Code are authentic. The process is quick with any smartphone and builds confidence that you carry high-quality stock. Our demo shows how it works.

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Need help? Read our   FAQs for resellers 

Find out why the best names in fashion offer digital authentication with Certilogo

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Is Certilogo for me?

Certilogo is for everyone who values the quality and style of authentic brand names — but remember to use the Certilogo Seal of Authentication when you post a product for sale online.

A Certilogo Seal gives online buyers an immediate and reliable response every time, so you earn trust and faster sales.

There is no Certilogo Code. What now?

It's good that you checked: A product that is supposed to have a Certilogo Code, but does not, is almost always a counterfeit.

To be sure, check our list of connected brands to verify that your brand and product collection offer Certilogo.  

Still need help? Our customer care team is available anytime at, or by clicking below. 

Questions sent after 6 p.m. CET, or during the weekend, will be answered the next business day. 

How do I get the Certilogo Seal?

Connect with Certilogo to verify that your product is authentic or to display the response screen for a product you have verified previously. Swipe left on the menu that appears under the Authentic response and select the option to Get the Seal.

We’ll ask you to name your sales platform(s) and upload close, clear photos of your product and the label with your Certilogo Code.

How does Certilogo support me in disputes?

Our customer care team is happy to step in and help a buyer who has purchased your product with a Certilogo Code and received it at home. Direct them to and we’ll take over