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Become part of our preferred retailer programme to give consumers a premium Certilogo experience in your store. Unlimited members get unlimited access for store employees to safeguard your stock, your reputation, and your customers.

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Use these attractive Certilogo materials to engage consumers, connect them with authentic products digitally, and link them to premium brand content. Scanning the QR Code on the display opens a brief explanation and video tutorial that adds value and deepens consumer trust.

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Looking for a simple and attractive way to show your store sells the best brand names with Certilogo authentication? Get a free sticker to post on your front door, window, or any high traffic area to tell shoppers that you care about authenticity as much as they do.

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Why should I sell with Certilogo?

Because digital authentication with Certilogo is the fastest, most reliable, and most enjoyable way for everyone to be certain that brand-name products are 100% genuine.

Innovative retailers can use Certilogo to check the authenticity of stocks, enrich the selling ceremony, and earn trust from discerning consumers. Click below for more helpful tips and resources on our Retailer Services page.

Can I register with my personal email account?

As a retailer we recommend that you register with a company email address and log in with the same email every time you connect to a product using Certilogo.

If you do not have a company email address, email retailers@certilogo.com and ask to activate Retailer Unlimited on your personal account.

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