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Improve visibility by
engaging consumers
with connected products

Connect to protect your supply chain

Expand your vision with data insights from consumers, collected anywhere they shop

Modern consumers are connected to digital networks nearly every moment of their day, including while they shop. Brands with Certilogo activate these connected consumers in the most engaging way possible: with a fast and reliable verification that the product they bought, or are about to buy, is an authentic original.

Digital authentication by consumers gathers precious, real-time data to strengthen your risk management, brand protection, and supply chain security: from evidence of overproduction by suppliers to the physical or online locations of vendors dealing in diverted, counterfeit and stolen products.

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180 countries. 10 languages. Any store, website & online marketplace.

any time

From factory to consumers and beyond. Before purchase & after. New products & pre-owned.

any device

Smartphone, tablet & desktop. iOS & Android. No downloads required.

Any tag

NFC, QR, alphanumeric. Your tag or ours. RFID and blockchain compatible.

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Anti-counterfeit technology

Connected consumers become your inspectors in the field

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Certilogo artificial intelligence makes it possible to verify the authenticity of a product instantly, using any digital device. Consumers supply you with millions of new data points that are available to your team at any moment by connecting to  our platform. You gain  hundreds of thousands of new investigators at your service, 24 hours a day.

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End-to-end visibility

Receive data from the factory to consumers and beyond, including during resale

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Use Certilogo alone or in combination with RFID to expand product tracking and insights beyond your controlled channels. Real-time data from consumer interactions in online and offline channels reveal diversion, grey market trading, supplier overproduction, and stolen goods, then collect data that helps you to trace them to their source.

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Platform power

Your collaboration hub for supply chain security and brand protection

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Certilogo does more than collect data from consumers: It allows anyone from customs officers to private investigators to inspect products in the field, with no added costs for specialised equipment. Access their data in an intuitive digital dashboard with permissioned online access for real-time collaboration and intervention.

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See more with Big Data analytics

Our analysts support you to identify and digest key trends in the data

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Optional Certilogo analytics keep your team informed with regular updates on key performance indicators. Or schedule a custom analysis for a deep dive in support of your brand protection, risk management, supply chain security or marketing objectives.   

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