30 Settembre 2020

The X-factor in a successful supply chain digitalisation project

A practical guide for Fashion executives.

The penalty paid for a sub-optimal digitalisation of the supply chain is to have missed the opportunity to gain a ​​real competitive advantage.

Certilogo’s experience with our fashion and luxury clients proves that if conceived correctly, supply chain digitalisation can bring countless benefits that go far beyond streamlining logistics.

The X-factor? True consumer engagement.

By interacting with them through connected products, fashion Brands can exploit a permanent touchpoint generating valuable information about existing and potential customers throughout the lifecycle of a garment, from purchase to rental and resale. It’s an engagement opportunity that lasts forever and can be the foundation, not a mere extra, of a truly end-to-end digital infrastructure generating tangible value.

 Download the new ebook to discover how to enrich your digitalisation process by engaging consumers by design:

•       The little-known added benefit of a digitalised process

•       The limits of a source-to-distribution approach

•       Getting close to consumers is the competitive advantage 

We analyse how a digitalised supply chain works and evaluate the options available, including blockchain, to identify the ultimate competitive advantage for brands that leads to a return on investment that truly measures up.

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