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Welcome to the connected future

We are your best partner to help you effortlessly join the connected product revolution. Build your own revolutionary, trusted, value-building, and sustainable relationships with consumers directly through your products. Secured with best-in-class digital authentication technology, no matter the size of your brand.

Revolutionary product relationships

Deliver trusted authentication, relevant information, compelling services and entertaining experiences in the moments that matter most.

  • Fast & secure product authentication

  • Enhanced storytelling

  • Surveys, feedback & user-generated content

  • Customer care

  • Subscription and lead generation

  • Circularity services

  • Unique premium product experiences

  • Green certifications & digital product passports

Fashion and luxury's most adopted connected product platform 


We help brands effortlessly tag products with counterfeit-proof digital IDs and product passports that enable authentication, traceability, new business models and engagement which extends the capacity of the product to convey value, trust and emotion.


Our fully customisable web app helps brands connect directly with their consumers via their products, to deliver the most effective product relationships, through storytelling, sustainability services, and authenticity checks, all aligned with a brand's identity.


We put brands back in control of their products and help them leverage the data that product connections generate, for brand protection, lead generation, capturing consumer feedback and unlocking actionable Business Intelligence insights.

Authentication powered business strategies

Brand protection

Protect your brand, consumers
and the planet by mitigating
the risk of counterfeiting

Track & trace

Transparently track and monitor supply chains for compliance and reduce burdensome manual product processing

Business intelligence

Gain product and consumer behavioural data, to unlock insights that better inform strategic decision-making

Consumer engagement

Generate leads, enrich CRM profiling and stay connected with your consumers throughout the entire product lifetime

Sustainability & circularity

Stay in control of licensing, overproduction, grey markets and non-conforming distribution

Digital innovation

Enable the secure association of digital fashion, NFTs and blockchain to unclonable physical products

The number one connected product


Leading the connected product revolution

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The number one connected product


Leading The Connected Product Revolution

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the connected product revolution

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