The Nº1 SaaS solution for creating, securing and managing smart connected products

Secure digital product ID

We help brands bestow their products with a Secure by Design™ certified unique point of origin, so they can be safely recognised, authenticated, traced and accessed throughout the value chain and seamlessly integrated into the digital journey of their consumers.

Product recognition
Anti-counterfeit tagging
Any media: QR-code, NFC, RFID, etc.
ID management & product fingerprinting
Digital Product Passport
Digital twins

Connector web app

Our Connector consumer web app empowers brands to easily design, deliver and maintain the most trusted, affordable, effective and engaging relationships with their consumers. Eliminating app development, and requiring no app download by the consumer.

Secure by Design™ product authentication
Marketing & content campaigns
CRM, lead generation & registrations
Circularity services: repair, re-commerce & recycling
Premium services & customer care
User-generated content, surveys & insights

Dashboards & Monitoring

Our dashboards, APIs and operator apps enable brands to extend the value of their Secure by Design™ connected products throughout the entire organisation to accelerate sustainability, brand protection, traceability and engagement strategies.

Brand protection
Grey market auditing
Returns management
Supply chain monitoring
CRM enrichment & consumer profiling
ROI measurement & experience optimisation

Business solutions tailored
to your needs

Turn-key, secure, customisable, affordable, and designed to support all product categories, production volumes and organisational needs, no matter how big or small your business

Secure product tagging

We make producing, applying and managing secure anti-counterfeit digital product identities simple and stress-free.

Certilogo’s Secure by Design™ product recognition platform supports all media, including QR codes, NFC, RFID and barcodes, and can also add secure product recognition to 3rd party serialisation and identifiers.

Consumer web-app

Welcome consumers into a world of content and services directly from your products.

Our GDPR, PIPL, and CCPA compliant web-app, is localised in 10 languages, eliminates the need for app development and downloads. Brands can customise and personalise the experience to match their brand identity, services and content.

Digital product passport

Get ready for forthcoming EU legislation.

Provide trusted transparency for product information and sustainability claims. Connect your products to digital twins with passports that record the chain of lifecycle events such as manufacturer data, ownership, use, reuse and recycling.

product authentication

Certilogo’s proprietary AI-powered software enables instant product authentication with just a web connection.

Consumers, staff and supply chain partners can verify products with the gold standard in Secure by Design™ authentication, even for QR codes. Customer care included.

Item level track & trace

The dashboards monitor products along the complete value chain, for brand protection, improved transparency and control of the supply chain, distribution network and sales channels.

Our solutions help with investigations, returns management and the creation of ad hoc professional apps for use by employees, retail staff, clients and suppliers.

Data, analysis & insights

Each consumer engagement generates valuable real-time data that you own and can be easily imported into your own systems.

Certilogo’s analytics dashboard unlocks actionable insights that help you better understand consumer behaviour, monitor the value chain, measure ROI of your connected products and make better informed strategic decisions.

Why smart brands choose Certilogo

Best In Class Anti-Counterfeit Security

Award-winning AI-powered authentication

Security is in our DNA. Our pioneering Secure by Design™ tagging technology ensures your organisation and your consumers can safely distinguish genuine products from the rest in the moments that matter.

No matter the media choice; RFID, NFC, QR codes and even proprietary serialisation; our reputation as the most widely adopted product authentication technology for fashion and luxury is a guarantee that your project will be built on the most secure of foundations.


Phygital fashion for all

From new artisanal start-ups to global luxury giants, from innovative sportswear to sustainable accessories.

Our affordable tailor-made business solutions are turn-key, customisable, and ready to support all product categories, production volumes and organisational needs; even in the absence of dedicated client-side teams or rich product content. No project is too big, and no client is too small.

Agility & Effectiveness

Fast results. Friction-free implementation. Peace of mind.

Thanks to established workflows and data exchange protocols, effective projects can be up and running in as few as six weeks. Our industrialised solutions have been proven at scale, and are designed to avoid disrupting your business and operations processes.

Surf our learning curve, acquired by connecting over 500.000.000 products. EU, Chinese and Californian privacy regulation compliant, we take care of the complexity, so brands can ensure their investment is totally focused on building great brand experiences.


Don’t just connect with your consumers. Move them.

Whatever the connected product experiences you want to provide, we have the scalable tools and unmatched experience of managing the ‘last mile’ to deliver them in the most effective and relevant way to the consumer.

Best practice UX design, optimised over millions of yearly connections, with localisation in ten languages and customer care included, means your consumer experience is best-of-breed before you’ve even started.
Personalisation, customisation and  control

You own the journey, the design and the data.

We ensure that your brand remains at the centre of the consumer experience. You define the journey, determine the design and own the data so that your connected product experience remains as unique and authentic as your brand.

Safe in the knowledge that your connected product experiences are delivered with the level of excellence that can only be acquired from managing the largest platform of connected brands.

Scalability, Flexibility & Interoperability

Stand alone or part of a team

The Certilogo SaaS platform seamlessly integrates with your IT stack and connected product ecosystem of partners and products. Ready-made end-to-end solutions make it simple for any brand to rapidly secure their products and roll out connected product experiences.

While interoperability provides the flexibility to support bespoke deployments that integrate existing product serialisation, product passports, content, services and experiences. No matter your organisation’s connected product maturity, our platform will scale as you grow.

Leading the connected product revolution

Certilogo pioneered digital product authentication and engagement and is the only company with over 16 years of experience in this field.


Consumers engage every 4” with products we’ve digitised


Countries from which consumers connect to our digital IDs


Products already empowered by our secure digital IDs


Brands that unlocked the power of their products with us 


Consumer satisfaction


our service


Localisation in 10 languages and customer care out-of-the-box

Plans And Pricing

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Brands that want to unlock the benefits of authentication and deliver an experience in line with their brand image.
Established brands that want the most stress-free solution to leverage the potential of connected products throughout the value chain.
Established brands hat want to build the most expert connected product relationships with the flexibility of fully customisable experiences.