Connected Products: Empowering Fashion’s Sustainable Future

Why connected products are the fulcrum of fashion’s future regenerative circular economy. Find out how they drive your sustainability agenda forward.

Jul 13, 2022
New EU and US regulation, coupled with market pressures from changing consumer behaviour and the intrinsic ethical responsibility to reduce its negative social and environmental impact, means the fashion industry has arrived at a crucial juncture on its sustainability journey.
Two key transformations that will be instrumental to delivering the industry's greener future will be the adoption of a circular economy and the digitisation of products.
In our latest white paper, we set out a vision of how connected products must be integrated at the heart of sustainability strategies, to accelerate the transition towards a regenerative circularity paradigm. We break down the key use cases for Digital Product Passports and illustrate how their adoption will be an effective step toward reducing social and environmental impact and how they will deliver short-term results, even in the short-term.
Download this white paper to find out:
  • Why the age of greenwashing is over and why brands must move immediately to find genuine solutions to improve their sustainability and convey their progress to their consumers, or risk being punished by the regulators and the market.
  • Why brands must transform their organisation from extractive linear-based models towards a new regenerative circular paradigmand which will be the key themes critical to driving that change.
  • Why the digitisation of products, empowered with Digital Product Passports, is the fulcrum around which sustainability and circularity strategies will revolve.
  • How to adopt strategies that accelerate the reduction of social and environmental impact while increasing opportunities for growth of brand value and revenue.
This paper is aimed at fashion, apparel and luxury brands, regardless of the maturity of their sustainability and connected product strategies; setting out a clear path for those just setting out and providing food for thought for any already well into their journey.
This is the most radical and exciting time for an industry founded on innovation and creativity, as it is called on to rethink itself, from head to toe.
We hope this vision is useful to help you orientate and prepare yourselves for the profound changes that will be faced by the industry, which will challenge everything we understand about how fashion is created, produced, sold and experienced.
We hope you enjoy reading it.


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