Connected Products:
why authentication is a hygiene factor

Understanding the business benefits of authentication and the hidden risks of neglecting it

Apr 18, 2023
More and more fashion brands are adopting digital IDs to support their traceability, engagement, and digital product passport strategies. However, as they set out on the journey to connect their products, many remain unaware of the critical role secure authentication plays in both protecting the brand and the growing potential to drive value throughout the circular lifecycle of the product.

Project teams are commonly unfamiliar with the risks they are inadvertently exposing their organisation to, by underestimating the importance of protecting product IDs with secure authentication, by neglecting authentication altogether, or worse, having a misinformed sense of security about their current implementation. Consequences can result in projects having the opposite effect of their intended objectives, leaving brands more exposed to risk from counterfeit products, reduced sustainability and an erosion of consumer and market trust.
Download to discover
  • The factors driving the rapid adoption of connected products
  • The value Secure by Design™️ authentication can bring to an organisation
  • The changing consumer perception of what makes a product authentic
  • The unseen risks of insecure digital IDs and how to avoid them
  • The common misconceptions about blockchain, NFC and QR-codes
  • The pillars of security to protect a digital ID
This eBook is designed with a brand’s C-Level, Brand Protection, Digital Transformation, Marketing and Sustainability Project Teams in mind. Readers will discover why secure authentication is a basic hygiene factor, and how by safeguarding themselves from the risk of counterfeiters and stolen product IDs, they can turn a defensive feature into a proactive solution that boosts their business and sustainability strategies.


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