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Our purpose is to empower brands to build the most trusted, engaging, measurable, and sustainable relationships with consumers through their products

We do that by turning analogue products into secure smart digital assets that can see, hear, think and speak for themselves, so they may convey trust and generate greater value for brands, consumers and the planet alike.  

We strive to democratise the affordable delivery of the most reliable authentication, relevant information, compelling services and engaging experiences; enabling brands to monetise their products beyond the moment of first purchase, while collecting insights that support traceability, commercial, marketing, brand protection and sustainability strategies, throughout the entire omnichannel consumer journey and circular product lifecycle.
Certilogo has unparalleled experience in the industrialisation of secure digital marker and product recognition technology, and its application in delivering product authentication, traceability and portable product identities.
Our specialist knowledge extends to the delivery of affordable and effective connected product consumer experiences, and leveraging the value of product engagement throughout the organisation.
Our service-oriented approach means brands can join the connected product revolution in weeks, not months.
While a consumer-centric approach to the consumer experience ensures the greatest engagement, results and satisfaction.
Trust is in our DNA. Products connected with Certilogo are secured with best-in-class “Secure-by-Design” digital authentication technology, that underpins every aspect of our solutions.

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A heritage of connecting
products since 2006

A heritage of connecting products
since 2006

Certilogo was established in 2006 with the vision to leverage product digitisation to increase consumer trust in brands.

The business idea was born against the backdrop of a dramatic surge in the unintentional purchase of counterfeit branded products linked to the rise of global retail e-commerce. Prompted by the startling realisation that a simple way for consumers to reliably assess product authenticity was nowhere to be found, we set out to develop a mobile phone-based solution that would fill the gap.

That’s how we embarked on a journey that led us to create a cutting-edge, AI-powered authentication platform that would ultimately be used by millions of shoppers worldwide and become the most adopted solution by fashion, apparel and luxury brands globally.

Building upon our success in connecting products with people through authentication, we progressively expanded our SaaS platform offering to allow brands to engage their customers more broadly.

Today our mission is to democratise connected products and empower brands with authentic stories to tell, regardless of positioning and scale, to elevate the customer experience by blending the physical into the digital world, and in the process provide services that convey trust, generate engagement and enable circular shopping.

By seamlessly integrating digitised products into the journey of their ever more demanding and hyper-connected end customers, brands can effectively respond to today’s seismic changes in consumer sensitivities, purchase patterns and the shift towards digital sales channels.

Facts & figures

Certilogo’s pioneering and cutting-edge, AI-powered authentication and connected product engagement platform is the most widely adopted by fashion, apparel and luxury brands globally, and is used by millions of shoppers worldwide


Consumers engage every 3.8” with products we’ve digitised


Countries from which consumers connect to our digital IDs


Products already empowered by our secure digital IDs


Brands that unlocked the power of their products with us 


Consumer satisfaction with our service


Localisation in 10 languages and customer care out-of-the-box

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