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Not all digital product IDs are Secure by Design™

Discover how Secure by Design™ product authentication works

Why security matters

Unsecured IDs void a brand’s investments into product connection technologies that jeopardise strategies from traceability all the way down to consumer-facing circular services.

Risks of poor ID security

  • Exacerbate counterfeiting
  • Product identity theft
  • Erosion of consumer trust
  • Reduced sustainability
  • Reduced brand appeal
  • Non-compliance
  • Low organisational trust
  • Supply chain ungovernability


business solutions

Connected products are the solution to your key strategic challenges

Brand protection

Fight counterfeits and monitor licensing, overproduction, and grey markets

  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Consumer protection
  • Returns management
  • Licensing & grey market monitoring
  • Investigation & website takedown assistance
Certilogo helps brands protect themselves, consumers and the environment, by putting powerful product authentication technology in the palms of people's hands.
Our proprietary AI-powered software ensures connected products are secured with a certified unique point of origin, even for QR codes. This provides instant product authentication that enables consumer engagement which generates data to fight counterfeiters, helps recover lost sales, and monitor supply chains.

Consumer engagement

Deliver campaigns, services and experiences that convert to sales and generate leads

  • Ratings, reviews and recommendations
  • Premium content & services
  • Registrations, subscriptions and lead generation
  • Customer care & satisfaction
  • Surveys, feedback and user-generated content
  • Campaigns and traffic driving
We help brands activate the best consumer engagement channel they never knew they had. Stay connected with your consumers throughout the entire product lifetime by transforming your products into digital touchpoints. The 'Informed Consumer' seeks innovative experiences and values-driven products. Certilogo Connector enables brands to deliver customisable connected product experiences that add value, convert consideration into sales, and build loyalty. Certilogo manages new consumer connections every 4 seconds, in 180+ countries, with 94% satisfaction rate.

Sustainability & circularity

Empower consumers with the green credentials and circularity services they desire

  • Product traceability
  • Value chain transparency
  • Green Certifications & Digital Product Passports
  • Circular business models: Rental, Repair, Resell & Regeneration
  • Counterfeit prevention
Give credibility to your sustainability, and unlock new circular business opportunities.
Consumers demand eco-friendly products and the EU requires digital product passports. Being able to provide trusted transparent and traceable information is a must. Certilogo’s connected product platform enables certifieddigital product passports, facilitates circular design and services, and empowers new sustainable business models, so brands can grow their business while reducing their impact. Built-in anti-counterfeiting technology helps mitigate the negative impact of fake products. 93% of consumers find connected products with green services useful.

Business intelligence

Monitor supply chains for compliance and reduce burdensome manual checks

  • Value chain traceability
  • Consumer profiling and insights
  • Behavioural and attitudinal data
  • CRM enrichment
  • Surveys and feedback
In an era where data is king, Certilogo helps fashion and luxury brands to unlock the most valuable source of high-quality data. Certilogo turns connected product engagement into a valuable asset that provides accurate real-time data and analysis to increase market intelligence and consumer insights.
By transforming products into first-party data generating assets, brands can power personalised consumer engagement, optimise organisational processes, and make more informed strategic decisions. Brands can gain a better understanding of their value chain and consumers through a range of dashboards, as well as tap into Certilogo’s ability to observe industry trends, insights, and best practices, gathered at scale across over 5 billion digitized products to date.

Track & trace

Generate actionable commercial and consumer insights from engagement data

  • Anti-counterfeit product IDs
  • Product recognition
  • Supply chain monitoring
  • Grey market monitoring
  • Green certifications & Digital Product Passports
  • Circular business models: rental, repair, resell & regeneration
  • Digital product passport & digital twin
Certilogo’s unique digital product ID solution enables brands to securely track and trace the movement of a product throughout the supply chain and beyond, including end consumer use and end-of-life regeneration. Improved traceability empowers increased quality control, supply chain visibility, consumer confidence, regulatory compliance, and product recall effectiveness.

Certilogo’s “Secure-By-Design” solution secures digital markers and extends the value of traceability for brand protection, sustainability, and consumer engagement strategies. Digital markers alone are not enough to ensure security, and Insecure product IDs are vulnerable to various factors that can lead severe consequences like financial loss and reputational damage. To mitigate these risks, we assist brands in implementing the most secure product recognition methods.

Digital innovation

Secure association of NFTs and blockchain to unclonable physical products

  • Digital twins
  • Blockchain and NFT
  • Digital fashion
  • Metaverse
  • Attribution and management of ownership
For brands wanting more sustainable growth, they must shift from volume-based sales to increasing product value and generating new revenue streams. Secure digital product IDs empower products to convey greater value and offer fresh monetisation options beyond the initial purchase.

With each physical product purchase, brands can offer digital twins worn exclusively by genuine owners in the metaverse. Brands can also sell NFTs, that can be safe traded for physical products, thus creating exclusivity and exchanging value across domains. The final and most disruptive step in fashion and luxury’s digital transformation will be the digitisation of the product itself. Certilogo is the ideal partner for brands aiming to digitise the product and embrace the shift.

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