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Find the smart tag

The smart tag is a label, a sticker, a card or a hangtag, containing a digital enabler.


Digital enabler

The digital enabler might be a QR code or an NFC chip, or even a human-readable code.


80+ brands are already using our smart tags

Many of the brands you love have placed our smart tags on garments, shoes, watches, eyewear, perfume bottles and many more products for you to connect. 

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Smart tag with the Certilogo Code

When the smart tag carries a Certilogo Code you can check the authenticity of the product by scanning the QR code, tapping the NFC chip, or connecting to the URL shown on the smart tag and using the 12-digit human-readable code.


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Unintentionally purchased a fake? We help you get a refund.


Select the “Request a Fake Report” option at the end of the authentication process. Once you’ve answered a few questions we’ll email you an incident report to contest the charges with the seller, payment service provider or credit card.

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What is a connected product?

A "connected" product is a physical product which has been made interactive by a label containing a QR code or an NFC chip, i.e. by a so-called "smart tag". By scanning the code or placing their smartphones close to the chip, consumers are directed to a site that offers services, such as the authenticity verification service, or content, such as a video of the latest fashion show, or information regarding sustainability.

What is a smart tag?

A "smart tag" is a label, a hangtag or any other medium containing a QR code or an NFC chip. A smart tag makes a physical product interactive or, in other words, “connected”.

Where are smart tags located?

Smart tags are usually sewn onto a garment or simply attached to the packaging of a product. Depending on the product and the choices of the brand, it can be found inside a garment, on a bag, on the tongue of a shoe, on a perfume bottle, on the temple of a pair of glasses, on a watch, etc.

What is the Certilogo "Fake Report"?

The Fake Report is a free document with which Certilogo confirms that your authenticity verification on a particular product produced a negative result. You can attach this document to any complaint that you decide to submit to whoever sold you the product, to the credit card company or to the payment service you used to make the purchase.

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