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Make your case for a refund with the Certilogo Refund Assistance Report (RAR)

We know how disappointing it is to discover that products you bought online or in a store are not the authentic brand names you wanted. Modern counterfeiters prey on brand fans with sophisticated scams that even expert shoppers can miss.

The Certilogo Refund Assistance Report (RAR) is a convenient PDF document that helps you to get your money back. Send it to your seller, platform or payment service with your refund request, then shop for the authentic brand you wanted all along.

How it works

Step 1

Verify your product

It’s simple. Find the Certilogo Code on the product label, hang tag or warranty card and enter it at the URL provided. Answer the questions and receive your result.

Step 2

Get your Refund Assistance Report (RAR)

Store the facts in one convenient document. Was your product identified as not being authentic? Select Request A Refund Assistance Report (RAR) and answer the questions on screen. We’ll store the information in a secure PDF with your Certilogo result: your Certilogo Refund Assistance Report (RAR).

Step 3

Go after your refund

Send your Refund Assistance Report (RAR) to the seller or payment service. Laws vary so check the guidelines of the platform or payment service you used for your purchase. Then add the Refund Assistance Report (RAR) to your claim to show that you have an expert on your side.

Need help? Check our FAQs

Everything you need to buy authentic brand names with Certilogo

How long does it take to receive a Certilogo Refund Assistance Report (RAR)?

Certilogo’s Refund Assistance Report will be sent immediately, after completing the required form, to the e-mail address used to register for the service.

Will Certilogo refund me

No. Certilogo’s Refund Assistance Report is a free service to substantiate any claim that you may wish to send to whoever sold you the product, to the credit card company or to the payment service you used to make the purchase.

What is Certilogo’s Seal of Authentication (SOA)?

Certilogo’s Seal of Authentication is a “virtual twin” of the smart tag with the CLG Code and is used by both sellers and buyers when a product is sold online, i.e. when there is no physical contact with the smart tag.

Why is the SOA useful for sellers and buyers of products sold online?

The SOA is used by the seller to demonstrate that the product offered for sale online is authentic and, at the same time, it is used by the buyer to check the authenticity of that same product even before physically receiving it.

I am an online seller: how does the SOA work?

You can only apply for a SOA if you can prove that you physically possess a genuine product. To obtain it, you just need to perform the authenticity verification and follow the instructions that you are presented once you receive the reply "Authentic". We will ask you to list the platforms on which you intend to sell the product and upload clear, close-up photos of your product and the smart tag with the CLG Code. We will send you the SOA in PDF format by email within 24 hours and you can publish it on your advertisement or site.