Is it possible to check the authenticity of a product sold online before purchase?

No, to be sure that the product is authentic it is necessary to have it with you.
Finding the Certilogo Code published online, or receiving a photograph from the seller, does not guarantee that the product is authentic. The only way to be sure that a product is authentic is to perform an authenticity check when you have it with you.

Certain products sold online could potentially come with an active SOA - Certilogo’s Seal of Authentication.
When purchasing a product online, ask the seller whether a SOA is available for the product in question.

The SOA is a digital twin of the smart tag showing the CLG Code that sellers can get from Certilogo and display in their online listings to prove that they are selling an authentic product. Buyers can scan the SOA they find in the online listing to check that the product is authentic. To make sure that the product shipped is the original one, we recommend that you scan the physical tag you find attached to the product once you receive it. If you wish to verify the authenticity of a product sold online before purchase and there’s no active SOA in the listing, do not worry: Certilogo will show you how to ask the seller to provide one.