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Avery Dennison announces partnership with Certilogo

The innovative partnership will extend brand experiences to consumers through product authentication.

Avery Dennison, a global leader in innovative materials science and manufacturing, today announced a partnership with Certilogo, the digital authentication platform that pioneered the use of artificial intelligence for “anywhere, anytime” product verification via smartphone. The partnership between the two companies will focus on integrating Certilogo’s digital technologies into Avery Dennison’s apparel labeling products, allowing consumers to verify product authenticity via their smartphones, thus unlocking personal experiences with brands. The application assesses authenticity by asking the consumer a series of questions that will lead to either an “authentic” or “fake” result.

“Avery Dennison's expertise in brand protection solutions and supply chain data management, combined with Certilogo's unique knowledge of consumer authentication, allows brands to accelerate their digital journeys. At the same time, using authentication as a hook enables brands to boost engagement, gather commercial insights and protect their consumers” says Michael Colarossi, Vice President of Innovation, Product Line Management and Sustainability at Avery Dennison. 

Leveraging Avery Dennison’s labeling solutions, this partnership will offer new, significant opportunities to brands:

  • Brand Protection - the ability to monitor global distribution and identify unauthorized third-party resellers with the help of consumers. Data can be collected on counterfeit hotspots for field inspections, which can protect future, and current, consumers from the disappointment of purchasing counterfeit items.
  • Consumer Engagement - Reward customers that value and choose authentic products with unique, personalized brand content. Brands will be able to fulfill omnichannel consumer experiences across channels to reach millions of connected consumers.
  • Commercial Insights - Monitor the sales cycle and product lifecycle in addition to analytics for brand strategy and next collection development.
  • Sustainability and Circularity - Support authentication of goods on the secondhand market. Authentic items resell for a higher price and keep items in use for longer, thus extending the product life cycle.

“We are excited to be partnering with Avery Dennison”, says Michele Casucci, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Certilogo. “Whether brands choose to focus on transparency, sustainability or memorable customer experiences, they need end-to-end solutions capable of creating consumer engagement by design. Joining forces with the global powerhouse that is Avery Dennison will accelerate our ability to transform products into digital channels and drive richer, more relevant and more profitable customer journeys.”

Through the partnership, brands can build loyal and lasting relationships with their customers by elevating the physical product with digital experiences when it matters most. Over 2.5 million authentications have been confirmed in the last 12 months - reaching one authentication every eight seconds.

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About Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions

Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS) is a global leader in providing physical and digital labeling solutions that enable brands and retailers to address challenges and opportunities from source through to store, and in consumer engagement. RBIS provides end-to-end solutions in predominantly the apparel and footwear industry and is a $1.7 billion division of Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE: AVY). Its products include tickets, tags, woven and fabric labels, heat transfers, software, printers and consumables. The Intelligent Labels division that sits within RBIS is the world’s largest UHF RFID partner, with over 1750 patents and applications worldwide serving multiple industries across retail and industrial segments. RBIS serves the global marketplace with operations in 50 countries, across six continents. 

About Certilogo

Certilogo engages loyal, high-value consumers to authenticate their fashion and luxury purchases everywhere they shop - a disruptive digital service that, since it was created in 2006, has grown to serve 1 user every 8 seconds in 180+ countries and 10 languages. Participating brand products are connected to the Certilogo platform with unique identifiers in RFID, NFC, QR, numeric, and fingerprint formats that are recognized instantly when consumers interact with the service using a smartphone or digital device.  Authenticating a product engages consumers with a best-in-class digital experience before and after purchase and connects them directly with the brands they love. The same real-time results unmask clones and replicas of brand labels, safeguarding loyal customers and ensuring data integrity for products tracked in private databases and distributed blockchain ledgers. 

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05 Oct 2020

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