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Connected forever: build product relationships that last a lifetime

People engage with connected products throughout the entire lifecycle of the product. Are you meeting your consumer’s expectations?

Stay in touch beyond the point of purchase

Nearly three-quarters of all product engagements managed by Certilogo in 2022, made with a subsection of brands that are very popular among consumers in the resale market, occurred with products that were more than one year old.

Certilogo data reveals that consumers continue to connect to products long after their first engagement at the moment of purchase, with products being connected to by consumers throughout their entire lifecycle. In fact, 25% of connected product engagements were made with products that were four or more years old, and 16% were five or more years old.

Connected Forever: Build product relationships that last a lifetime

So why do consumers keep connecting?

Product authentication at the moment of purchase remains the number one reason why consumers connect with products, and for all the same reasons, it remains important in subsequent exchanges as it is resold as second-hand. Product authentication helps sellers to create trust in their product listing, and ensures they can recover the maximum possible value from their sale. Thanks to the rising popularity of online resale marketplaces products may be resold and kept in circulation, not once, but 3, 4, or even 5 times!

Connected Forever: Build product relationships that last a lifetime

Beyond product authentication

Providing transparent product information, especially ‘green certifications’ that convey the sustainability of a product, helps to inform, educate and assist prospective consumers as they consider their purchase. However, consumers increasingly desire concrete sustainability and circularity services to enable them to adopt a more responsible relationship with their purchases. Connected products equipped with circularity services provide numerous motives for consumers to continue connecting with their products over the years following their purchase.

Connected Forever: Build product relationships that last a lifetime

An ever-growing asset

Each new collection of digitally enabled products joins those from previous seasons, adding to an accumulating number of opportunities for consumer engagement and amassing an asset capable of generating increasing value. Eventually, after just a few seasons, the majority of consumer engagement will most likely be conducted not through brand-new products, but through products that were bought years ago.

Connected Forever: Build product relationships that last a lifetime

Return on investment calculations of connected products often only consider the value they create at the initial purchase, in terms of brand protection, consumer experience, campaigns, lead generation, and the value unlocked from the data they generate. However, Brands that get the most value from the asset they are building, are those that fully harness a product’s potential to build longer-lasting relationships with consumers that extend beyond the first engagement. 

Are you meeting the needs of your consumers throughout the entire life cycle of the product?

Contact us, and we can help you extend the value of your products.

21 Feb 2023

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