For Brands

What is Certilogo?

Certilogo is a company that provides enterprise SaaS ("software as a service") solutions mainly to owners and/or licensees of fashion, luxury and clothing brands.

What solutions are offered by Certilogo?

There are integrated solutions for consumer engagement, brand protection and monitoring of the production and distribution chain. The solutions allow the transformation of customers' physical products into “connected products”, i.e. into interactive digital channels.

What is a "connected product"?

It is a physical product made interactive by means of a so-called smart tag. The smart tag is a physical medium, for example a label, a sticker, a card or a tag, which contains a "digital enabler", i.e. an NFC chip, a QR code or some other technology that can be read by an electronic device, typically a smartphone, in order to trigger a specific action, typically a connection to a website or application.

What use are connected products?

The utility of connected products generated by Certilogo solutions consists in the fact that they are digital channels capable of (i) delivering services and content aimed at strengthening the ties between a brand and the end customer and, at the same time, (ii) generating qualitative and quantitative information that can be of use to various company functions including marketing, the function responsible for protecting intellectual property, sales, production and logistics.

What do I need to do to initiate a “connected product” project with Certilogo from an operational point of view?

It starts with your objectives, which can be tied to consumer engagement, for example on the issue of sustainability and circularity, monitoring the production and distribution chain, brand protection or a combination of the above. Based on these objectives and on your specific technical-operational and budgetary needs, we help you choose the most appropriate smart tag and define the most suitable protocols to manage the exchange of data between your information systems and our platform.
We then help you configure and customise the Customer Journey, i.e. your customers’ user experience when they connect to your product. In practice, this means establishing which services and content should be delivered by the "Connector", i.e. the consumer app that we provide to our customers, and what it should look like from a design perspective (by the way: no download is required).
Lastly, you just have to choose which of our professional applications you wish to use. For example, the "Report" and "Analytics" online dashboards allow you to view and analyse the data generated by your customers’ interactions with your connected products, while the "Store Assistant" allows your store sales staff to manage returns and the "Inspector" app allows your staff to carry out inspections on specific products.

What is the Connector?

The Connector is a Certilogo webapp that allows the product to communicate with the consumer. The brand can decide which services and content to deliver and which "calls to action" to promote.
The interface of the Connector will be similar to all the other properties of the brand, so that it will be perceived as a digital extension.
Being a webapp, the Connector does not need to be downloaded and will be accessible immediately, as often as the consumer wishes to do so.
We consider flexibility and collaboration to be two fundamental principles, so that we can build the structure of the Connector together with the brand, combining its needs with our decades of experience. Does the brand need a service that is yet to be developed? No problem, our development forge is always at work and will create whatever best suits the brand’s business.

Do consumers have to register to access the Connector?

No, when consumers connect to the product, they access the Connector and find everything the brand has designed for them, freely and without registering. They
are only asked to register or log in (in case they have already used the service in the past) if they click on the call to action allowing them to access the Authenticity
Verification Service powered by Certilogo. Registering for the Authenticity Verification Service allows the brand to acquire contact and profile information as well as marketing and profiling opt-ins (in accordance with the GDPR).