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Save The Duck adopts the DPP in partnership with Certilogo for their entire SS24 collection.

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Our collaboration

The Certilogo and Save The Duck partnership started in 2015 

Since its founding, Save The Duck, a B Corp, has held itself to high standards; they are 100% animal and cruelty free, and continuously monitor themselves to improve their supply chain and manufacturing processes to align with their commitment to circularity and ethical practices. 

The Digital Product Passport Vision

Save The Duck is among one of the first Italian brands to integrate the Digital Product Passport into their existing connected products in anticipation of the EU DPP legislation, which will require brands to communicate the environmental impact of products on the market to clients.

The success of the brand’s connected product strategy was a key factor for the group as they chose Certilogo once again as their partner to boldly develop their Digital Product Passport ahead of the curve. 

Main Objectives

  • Provide transparency to their clients by sharing detailed product data
  • Create intuitive, user-friendly and impactful digital experiences 
  • Inform users about each link in the chain involved in the creation of their high-quality, cruelty free products

We saw in this tool a means to communicate to our customers everything we know about each product and provide an easy touch point with the Company, its commitment and projects. 

The user-friendly interface immediately convinced us. We hope that it will become a familiar tool for all our customers.

Silvia Mazzanti, Sustainability Manager

From Vision to Integration

Save The Duck’s DPP data for the SS24 collection can be accessed by scanning the QR code on each product’s tag. 

Discover the Product

Fabric Composition


Care and Maintenance

Learn about the Impact

Cruelty Free

Geographic Touchpoints 

Circularity Services

eBay resell feature “Click to Resell”

Customers will now be able to view this data on the brand’s existing connected product hub, which has been updated and elaborated on two main modules. In addition to providing current product information, Certilogo’s system will regularly update the DPP’s  and will align it with the evolving legislative framework. 

Experience for yourself how brands can protect their products and turn them into a powerful platform of engagement and services.

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to launch an interactive demo

Interactive demo

Experience for yourself how brands can protect their products and turn them into a powerful platform of engagement and services.Experience for yourself how brands can protect their products and turn them into a powerful platform of engagement and services.

Click to Resell

In addition to activating their Digital Product Passport, Save The Duck recently launched an eBay “Click to resell” button, built into Certilogo's Secure by Design™ digital ID, accessible by scanning a connected product’s smart label.

How it works

When a user scans the Digital ID on a product’s smart label, a “resell your garment” button is displayed on the item’s digital profile. 

Once a user clicks on the button, they will be directed to check the authenticity of the item through Certilogo’s AI based authentication system by signing in with their eBay account.

When the authentication process is complete, an eBay listing will be pre-filled with information from the brand about the item. 

The user is then redirected to the listing page on eBay, where they can fill in any missing fields or edit the information already pre-filled before officially listing the item for sale on eBay.

How many ducks did you save?

With a quick scan of the product’s QR code on the label, clients can see where and how the product was made, how to care for it properly and ensure the product retains its value long term.

The DPP is integrated in almost the entire Save The Duck Spring/Summer 2024 collection and will be 100% integrated by the Fall/Winter 2025.

Generating long-term value

In an age where people are increasingly focused on sustainability and fashion’s environmental impact, Save The Duck DPPs are a response to this demand and an opportunity to reach a wider customer base.

The Group is well-positioned to be an industry success story for this new initiative, and is planning on integrating new innovative features as early as this Spring. Stay Tuned!