What do I need to do to initiate a “connected product” project with Certilogo from an operational point of view?
It starts with your objectives, which can be tied to consumer engagement, for example on the issue of sustainability and circularity, monitoring the production and distribution chain, brand protection or a combination of the above. Based on these objectives and on your specific technical-operational and budgetary needs, we help you choose the most appropriate smart tag and define the most suitable protocols to manage the exchange of data between your information systems and our platform.

We then help you configure and customise the Customer Journey, i.e. your customers’ user experience when they connect to your product. In practice, this means establishing which services and content should be delivered by the "Connector", i.e. the consumer app that we provide to our customers and what it should look like from a design perspective (by the way: no download is required).

Lastly, you just have to choose which of our professional applications you wish to use. For example, the "Report" and "Analytics" online dashboards allow you to view and analyse the data generated by your customers’ interactions with your connected products, while the "Store Assistant" allows your store sales staff to manage returns and the "Inspector" app allows your staff to carry out inspections on specific products.