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Ready to activate resale?

From today, every Certilogo Secure by Design™ digital ID embeds the capability to enable resale in the click of a button.

The “click to resell” button can be easily accessed by scanning a garment’s smart label and is built into these secure digital IDs. 

 Brands that choose to activate the resell button will give their customers the chance to instantly access circular services through a personalized brand experience.

Activate circularity with the Digital Product Passport today

This innovative feature marks a major innovation in embedded circularity services as it gives consumers access to a secondhand marketplace by scanning a product’s smart label.

DPPs are not only a compliance tool - they can also provide new opportunities for brands to unlock value from circular models and incentivize consumers to give their product another life through user-friendly and frictionless experiences. 

After implementing the Digital Product Passport for their SS24 collection with Certilogo, Save The Duck has now launched the eBay “click to resell” button for their collection.

How it works

When a user scans the Digital ID on a product’s smart label, a “resell your garment” button is displayed on the item’s digital profile. Once a user clicks on the button, they will be directed to check the authenticity of the item through Certilogo’s AI based authentication system by signing in with their eBay account.

When the authentication process is complete, an eBay listing will be pre-filled with information from the brand about the item. The user is then redirected to the listing page on eBay, where they can fill in any missing fields or edit the information already pre-filled before officially listing the item for sale on eBay.

See it in action!

24 May 2024

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