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Discovering the most popular reselling platforms

Reselling platforms are the digital frontier of circular economy

There are a few different ways to resell clothes. People can go to thrift stores and organise a yard sale, but online reselling platforms are way more interesting. 

Despite having been around for a while, the popularity of reselling platforms is constantly increasing thanks to the many benefits they bring to customers. But fashion brands are starting to see the advantages of this trend too. 

The benefits of reselling

Reselling consists of selling pre-owned or vintage garments. It’s a great alternative to buying new clothes, as customers can find amazing pieces at an affordable price. At the same time, resellers can earn money by selling their clothes, thus preventing them from going unused in the closet or being thrown away.

For fashion brands, reselling their products represent a new business opportunity to sell unsold or returned products, and it helps reduce waste. Moreover, it increases brand visibility. In fact, reselling can help brands reach consumers who would not otherwise be able to afford their products or people who are very sensitive to the topic of sustainability.

And that's the fact, reselling is great for the environment too. Reusing and reselling clothes helps reduce textile waste as it prevents them from going into landfills and reduces the need for new clothes production, which means less water, energy, chemical, and other materials used. 

Popular online reselling platforms

Compared with thrift stores or garage sales, selling online has some advantages. For example, buyers have a much wider selection of items, and resellers can list their items on multiple platforms at once, thus increasing their chances to sell. 

Here’s a list of the best clothing resale sites:

- Poshmark: It is one of the most popular reselling platforms, especially among fashion enthusiasts. it offers an easy and convenient way to buy and sell clothes, shoes and accessories from brands like Nike, Gucci or Louis Vuitton. It has a great selection of both new and used clothes.

- Depop: This reselling platform is perfect for resellers who are looking for vintage pieces. It also offers new items from independent designers, so it’s definitely worth checking out. It is specifically tailored to Gen Z and Millennials. 

- eBay: This is probably the most famous reselling platform. Resellers can find almost anything on eBay, and reselling clothes is not an exception. It has a huge range of items, from high-end designer pieces to vintage apparel.

- ThredUp: It is a reselling platform that specialises in second-hand clothing from luxury brands, but it also has an extensive selection of vintage clothing pieces. ThredUp resells almost any kind of item such as shoes, accessories, and jewellery. Resellers can resell their clothes for cash or receive store credits.

- ASOS Marketplace: It is great for buying and reselling vintage, streetwear, and designer items. It’s also the right place to find rare items from niche brands.

- TheRealReal: Resellers can resell items from luxury and designer brands. It sells a variety of clothes, shoes and accessories. 

- Vestiaire Collective: This is focused on both vintage and contemporary designer pieces. It also supports sustainable fashion by reselling second-hand luxury goods. 

- Vinted: resellers can resell clothes and accessories from a variety of brands. It offers discounts and resellers can even arrange swaps with other resellers.

- Facebook Marketplace: It is a great site for resellers looking to resell their clothes in their own communities. It is easy to use and users can count on the many features of Facebook to help promote their listings.

Discovering the most popular reselling platforms

The issue of fake products and trustworthiness 

Even though online marketplaces have many pros, users must be aware of the risk of buying or reselling fake products. As buyers cannot see the items in person and rely heavily on images, it’s easy to get scammed. Therefore, they should purchase only from trusted sellers. This is where Certilogo’s product authentication solutions come in. Certilogo's service reassures customers that a product they are buying is genuine and provides resellers with a way to verify their items before selling them. It also helps fashion brands fight counterfeiters, which target resale platforms, protect brand reputation and increase trustworthiness.

If you want to sell or buy pre-loved items and you want to be sure they are genuine, here is a list of brands that have product authentication. These brands will be easier to sell online and are easier to check when bought second-hand. 

19 Jan 2023

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