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Consumer Engagement

Connected customers expect connected journeys. As shopping shifts to digital and Millenials and GenZ become the most influential and demanding generation of shoppers, brands are under pressure to elevate the customer experience. To make sure that the client can move seamlessly between the channels, fashion brands need to blend the digital world into the physical, and vice versa.

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Brand protection

Consumer-facing “smart tags” turn physical products into relationship-enabled, digital touchpoints. As these bi-directional communication channels become an integral element of the customer journey they also become a conveyor of trust. That is why any product digitization solution must be safe and counterfeit-proof.

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90% of Gen Z consumers think that brands have a responsibility to address environmental and social issues. As younger consumers become not only more conscious about how their purchases impact the world but also more willing to pay more for sustainable products, fashion brands are steering in a greener direction. So is their storytelling around sustainability.

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The fashion, apparel and luxury industry is undergoing profound changes in consumer sensitivities and purchase patterns linked to the shift towards a more sustainable world. As a result, brands are compelled to reengineer their processes and to reimagine their entire business model with a view to embed circular economy principles. Since product digitization is foundational for circularity, the connected product is increasingly taking center stage.

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