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Engage demanding
omnichannel consumers
with instant product
authentication from Certilogo

Connect with consumers globally

Identify and interact with a vast new audience of brand consumers shopping for your authentic products online and in stores.

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Drive business insights with Big Data

Capture valuable intelligence from consumer authentications at every stage in the product lifecycle, from first sale to resale to end of life.

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Expand supply chain visibility

Tap insights from consumer authentications to monitor and control the movement of genuine and counterfeit products.

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Supercharge your brand protection

Engaging consumers with connected products stops replicas from passing as genuine goods and returns precious global data to your enforcement partners.

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Your Connected Product Ecosystem

Expert support for every stage of your digital transformation

Item-level Tagging

Omnichannel Engagement

Customer Care

Big Data Analytics

Engage brand lovers everywhere

Loyal consumers want authentic brand names. Certilogo brings them home to you.


More than 85% of fashion and luxury consumers who identify as high spenders say they would be happy to connect with a free digital service that confirms the products they buy are genuine. Certilogo helps these brand fans shop with confidence, then connects them with official brand channels.

connect with consumers

Support trusted retailers digitally

Connecting your authentic products delivers a consistent brand experience in every sales channel.


Digital product authentication adds value in the purchase experience by making it easy for consumers to find and enjoy your authentic products, everywhere they shop. Trusted retail partners stand out from dishonest competitors with a brand experience that builds brand affinity and your CRM reach.

promote authorised sellers

Monitor brand suppliers remotely

Digital consumer engagement returns data for precious supply chain insights globally.


Certilogo Codes are generated and attached to products with proven protocols for security in the supply chain. Suppliers and licensees who exceed agreed quantities are detected over time by consumers who use Certilogo to verify their purchases are authentic.

secure your supply chain

Strengthen enforcement partners in the field

Consumer insights find high-value targets for litigation and online takedowns


Replace whac-a-mole enforcement with actionable insights from thousands or even millions of consumer ‘inspections’ in the field. Legal counsel, inspectors, and online brand protection partners gain visibility to identify high-value targets and raise returns on your brand protection spend.

raise brand protection ROI

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Everything you need to engage your consumers with connected products.

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