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Certilogo and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana announce the renewal of their official partnership

Certilogo and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana are renewing their significant collaboration for another year, which started with Milano Fashion Men's Collection in January and will continue with the Milano Fashion Women’s Collection in February.

Certilogo reconfirms its commitment to join Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana in forging a path that highlights the essential values they share: the increasingly crucial role that technological innovation will play in the fashion industry (including ensuring the authenticity of brands and promoting sustainability); circularity as paramount to safeguarding consumers and the environment; the protection of Made in Italy, which is part of the common mission of Certilogo and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.

To emphasise the importance of these topics and its commitment to supporting brands in these causes, Certilogo foresees several initiatives throughout the year, with a focus on the impact of integrating Digital Product Passports in the fashion and luxury space. These activities will provide an opportunity for an exchange about the imminent changes impacting the future of fashion and the technological know-how that must accompany its evolution.

In consideration of the imminent EU Digital Passport Legislation, Certilogo’s Founder, Michele Casucci, highlights the importance of 2024 as a landmark year for Fashion, “This is a great moment. The moment that fashion truly ‘goes Digital’. We have an opportunity to create radical transformation and the renewal of our partnership with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana reaffirms our commitment to engage with industry leaders, share our expertise, and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

Certilogo's mission is to democratise product circularity, allowing brands to create an experience that merges the physical world with the digital world, at an affordable cost, without technological constraints, and in a secure manner, ensuring the authenticity of products as well as the digital identities and Digital Product Passports associated with them.

Capable of integrating with any platform, whether proprietary or provided by other providers, Certilogo’s platform ensures the security of connected products through its Secure by Design™ approach including digital product passports, while gathering information that enables brands to ensure the traceability, sustainability, and circularity of the product, regardless of the channels they use to deliver information, content, and services.

07 Feb 2024

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