Assessing the digital resilience of the Italian fashion & luxury industry

2020 - A segue into the future of the fashion industry

Mar 16, 2021
Well before the pandemic, the Fashion & Luxury industry was under intense pressure to reshape itself.  The need for ever growing operational agility, fundamental changes in consumer sensitivities and the shift towards digital sales channels were already acting as potent change agents.
This “Black Swan Event”, however, has dramatically accelerated all of these trends compelling companies to speed up the process of re-engineering their businesses. In particular, it has compounded the need to go “all-in” on digital. And we wanted to know how the Italian Fashion & Luxury industry is responding to this epic challenge...
  • Are companies adapting their current and future strategies?
  • Are they focusing on cutting down on ICT/Digital to safeguard their short-term bottom line or rather expanding their investments?
  • Is blending physical with digital experiences and vice-versa important, or not so much?
  • And how about customer-centricity and consumer engagement?
To find out, we commissioned a research to SDA Bocconi, the graduate business school of Milan’s renowned Bocconi University, in partnership with BeSight, an up-and-comer provider of technology solutions for the Fashion & Luxury industry.
Our new e-book looks at the highlights of this in-depth study of 101 medium-large Italian companies, representing 52% of the overall turnover of the industry.
Download the e-book and enjoy the reading


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