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Data for difficult days: the market of fakes in the time of Coronavirus

We analysed de-identified data collected through the authentications generated on the Certilogo platform, comparing the evidence gathered up to December 2019 with data recorded in the period March 1 - April 19 2020.

Fakes haven't hit the market yet (but our guard is up)

Up to December 2019, fakes detected through the Certilogo platform represented 20% of all authenticated products. In the period 1 March - 19 April 2020 this percentage remained unchanged: 80% of the products checked were authentic.

The devil, as you know, is in the detail, so we have dived into the data for a better understanding: only 2% of the products on sale at the moment are copies of Spring Summer 2020 collections; 44% of the fakes in the shops and on fraudulent sites are copies of products from the SS 2019 collection and 22% from the SS 2018 collection. However, in the same period last year, that is from March 1 to 19 April 2019, the percentage of counterfeit products stemming from the Spring Summer 2019 collection was much higher at 15%.

It is obvious that distribution restrictions imposed by the lockdown have also limited the availability of SS 2020 fake products on sale at this time. Will this still be the case in the coming months? We will check our data regularly and we’ll share the statistics with you so that you can intervene promptly. Stay tuned.

Data for difficult days: the market of fakes in the time of Coronavirus

Consumer awareness of counterfeiting issues has already changed: are brands ready to respond?

Demand and supply have shifted to online channels, including unofficial sites, due to the lockdown. The result is that consumer awareness of the issue of counterfeiting and their need to feel protected have grown accordingly.

An ongoing survey conducted by Certilogo involving users of our authentication platform has shown that in the past 4 months the desire to check product authenticity has increased from 70 to 75%*. The relationship to the increase in purchases on online channels is quite interesting: in April 2020 the percentage of verified products purchased online will reach 80%, compared to 75% last January.

*source: Certilogo ongoing survey, sample: 6773 respondents

Authentication builds customer loyalty among brand enthusiasts and it’s an experience appreciated by everyone, today more than ever.

Brand lovers verify the authenticity of the products they purchase, even when they choose to buy in authorised channels: 38%* of consumers who use Certilogo say they have verified their favourite brand, the one they know everything about and they will buy again in the future.

Appreciation of the authentication service continues to grow: during the pandemic, and in particular in the last two months, it moved from 80% to 88%*.

*source: Certilogo ongoing survey, sample: 6773 respondents

Data for difficult days: the market of fakes in the time of Coronavirus

Consumers are preparing to live in an increasingly digital world in which they want to feel engaged and protected by the brands they love. Being there now, actively responding to a need that is becoming more and more evident, makes the difference and attracts consumers who are more valuable.

An excellent foundation for when the emergency is finally over and we can think about pressing the restart button.

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30 Apr 2020

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