The Rising Value of Real: Strategic Insights About Consumer Attitudes Toward Authentic Fashion

If there is a silver lining to the epidemic of fake news, fake reviews and even fake videos that populate our online lives, it is a growing conviction that authenticity is precious.

Dec 06, 2019
In fashion and luxury, in particular, modern connected consumers are reaching for every available touchpoint to feel an authentic and enduring connection with the brands they love, in every moment of the purchase and ownership experience.
The Rising Value of Real captures unique insights from our 2019 international survey 1,500 luxury and fashion consumers in the UK, US, China, France and Italy. Learn:  

> why 41% of consumers globally — and 56% in China — are consulting experts to verify their fashion and luxury purchases

> why buying authentic brand names is especially important to fashion's High Spenders

> why Millennial and Gen Z consumers are willing to share more of their personal data when they connect with a brand that they trust.


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